For the last 21 years Rabbi Aubrey Hersh has been based in London where he is currently Senior Lecturer and Projects Director at the JLE.

Rabbi Hersh lectures at seminars, university campuses and city firms in the UK as well as internationally. His main themes are history, philosophy, current affairs & halacha.

Since 2003 he has also run more than 90 tours to Europe - providing both the education and logistics - specialising in Krakow & Auschwitz, Prague, Paris and Budapest

Between 2004 & 2013 he was the Scholar-in-Residence over Pesach at hotels in Davos (Switzerland), Marbella (Spain),  Stamford (USA) and Ft. Lauderdale (USA).

He was also the co-editor of the 60 Days for 60 Years book series (Holocaust 2005 and Israel 2008), and has been asked to appear on UK National TV for BBC's The Big Questions. He is currently writing a book which ties trends in History into modern-day life.

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