1. 1.The critique of pure reason: Heart vs Mind

  2. 2.Why do we need a Bible (And what’s with all the stories)?

  3. 3.The Sin of Adam

  4. 4.Does Orthodoxy accept more than one version of Truth?

  5. 5.Beyond Good & Evil: The purpose of Human Existence

  6. 6.Existentialism & the Value of Money

  7. 7.Going Greek: Thesis, Antithesis & Synthesis

  8. 8.Is Judaism Cataphatic?

  9. 9.Autonomy vs Heteronomy

  10. 10.Did G-d give the Torah on Mt. Sinai? And should I care?

  11. 11.The Life of Brian – Origins of Christianity

  12. 12.Is Faith ever Real?

  13. 13.11 days that change the world [adv.]


  1. 14.The Evil Eye – Superstition or Reality?

  2. 15.What is Kabbalah

  3. 16.Inheriting 310 worlds

  4. 17.The 3 levels of the soul: Nefesh, Ruach & Neshama

  5. 18.Knowing G-d’s names

  6. 19.The concept of 70 in kabbalah

  7. 20.The influence of kabbalah on Jewish life

  8. 21.Hebrew: The Language of Creation

  9. 22.Crystal balls, Astrology and Things that go Bump in the Night?

  10. 23.Rabbi Akiva’s immortality [adv.]


  1. 24.Maimonides: Scholar, statesman and heretic?

  2. 25.The Jews of Spain: 1000-1500

  3. 26.The life and times of the Maharal of Prague

  4. 27.Lessons from the American Civil War

  5. 28.Chassidus I: The personalities & their times

  6. 29.Chassidus II: The philosophies & writings

  7. 30.2000 years of Jewish history in a nutshell

  8. 31.A panaroma of 6,000 years of history

  9. 32.Bans, excommunications & sanctions

  10. 33.The Good, the Bad & The Unknown: The founding of Israel 1900-1947

  11. 34.The Golden Age of Polish Jewry: I & II

  12. 35.Seeing G-d in the unfolding of history

  13. 36.Ashkenazim & Sefardim: origins, laws & differences

  14. 37.From Emancipation to Eradication: German Jewry in turmoil 1760-1945

  15. 38.Marranos Jews - a Life in Hiding

  16. 39.The lesser of two evils? Napoleon & the Czar in the 1800’s

  17. 40.False Messiahs in history

  18. 41.The responsa of Maimonides [adv.]

  19. 42.Piecing the fragments together - the Geniza collection


  1. 43.The Sotheby’s case – Who owns holocaust assets

  2. 44.Sheep to the Slaughter?

  3. 45.Am I my Brother’s Keeper: The Nations of the world during WWII

  4. 46.Why remember the Holocaust?

  5. 47.Overview of the Holocaust

  6. 48.Nazi fugitives: The pursuit of justice [adv.]


  1. 49.Tefilla – talking to the wall

  2. 50.Why so many Mitzvos?

  3. 51.Shabbos - Expansion of the Mind

  4. 52.Keeping Kosher -  is it Relevant?


  1. 53.Luggage vs Baggage

  2. 54.Beyond Words: A text for the 21st century

  3. 55.Desire, Envy & Pride – three deadly sins?

  4. 56.Carrots of Doom

  5. 57.The Poet & the Warrior

  6. 58.Bidding for Torah on ebay

  7. 59.The Value of a Mitzvah

  8. 60.Einstein’s first principle

  9. 61.All Things Considered – But do we?

  10. 62.Sticks & stones: the power of blessings and curses

  11. 63.Leadership & the balance of power

  12. 64.Living with a stranger called Me

  13. 65.Insights into Prayer

  14. 66.When Questions are more important than answers [adv.]

  15. 67.Ashrei Adam Mefacheid Tamid [adv.]


  1. 68.EU & Power: The Emergence of Nations

  2. 69.Is President Obama good for the Jews?

  3. 70.Dilbert’s Rule of the Unexpected

  4. 71.Does the UN have a mandate for world peace?

  5. 72.Bernard Madoff: Getting off the merry-go-round

  6. 73.Into the Looking Glass: A prescription for world events

  7. 74.A Crash Course in Hasbara for Israel


  1. 75.Is the secular calendar a religious problem?

  2. 76.The Good Samaritan: Doing favours and charging for them

  3. 77.Taking the law into one’s own hands - a Jewish Perspective

  4. 78.Destroying cheques and burning passports – defining liabilities

  5. 79.The Moon in Judaism (laws of, gazing at, living on, blessings)

  6. 80.Churches in Jewish law

  7. 81. Halachos of the International Dateline & North Pole

  8. 82.Overview of laws and concepts of charity

  9. 83.Is hand-baked matza more kosher?

  10. 84.Prayer: Interruptions, additions & emergencies

  11. 85.Is bishul akum all its cooked up to be?

  12. 86.What’s new? Saying Shechiyanu on houses, fruit & dishwashers

  13. 87.Buying, selling and praying in synagogues

  14. 88.How can we print Siddurim? [adv.]

  15. 89.Internet & websites on shabbos [adv.]

  16. 90.Can positions of authority be inherited? [adv.]

  17. 91.The last 8 pesukim in the Torah [adv.]

  18. 92.Laws of Shabbos: series with handouts (incl: Amira Le’akum, Muktzeh, Opening containers, Candle-lighting, Early/Late shabbos, Bishul, Kiddush/Seudah & Borer)


  1. 93.Nissan vs Tishrei

  2. 94.Lag b’Omer

  3. 95.Can 7x7 = 50?

  4. 96.Shavuos: Seeing the sounds

  5. 97.Chanukah: Living in exile in Jerusalem

  6. 98.The origin of a Nation Pesach I

  7. 99.The Road to Freedom – Pesach II

  8. 100.Teshuva: Going back home

  9. 101.Sukkot: A room with a view

  10. 102.Purim: When nothing makes sense

  11. 103.Are we kidding ourselves on Rosh Hashana?

  12. 104.Elul and tribe of Gad

  13. 105.Teves and tribe of Dan


  1. 106.The Golden Calf: A Nation in Retreat?

  2. 107.Bilaam’s Students

  3. 108.The Purpose of Sefer Vayikra

  4. 109.Avraham, Efron & the Cuban Missile Crisis

  5. 110.Rachel & Leah: Perfection vs Change

  6. 111.Lavan: White Lies

  7. 112.Ezra & Nechemiah – Building a 2nd Temple

  8. 113.Why Moses is the Quintessential Leader

  9. 114.The Monarchies of David & Saul

  10. 115.Behaloscha: Arriving at the Crossroads

  11. 116.The Monarchies of Yosef, Yehuda & Esav

  12. 117.Mattos: Keeping My Promise

  13. 118.Who Were the Nevi’im?

  14. 119.The Wisdom of Koheles

  15. 120.12 Tribes, 12 Months, 12 Gates [adv.]

  16. 121.The Roles of Shoftim and Melachim [adv.]